Medical Assessment - Ensuring You're Fit To Ride

The Assessment - Why We Do It

Unfortunately, a large proportion of mobility outlets are selling their products without checking the customers needs, medical condition or requirements. This is not only irresponsible - it's also dangerous. Not only to the user but to others around them.

At RentaScoota, we understand that people come in all different shapes and sizes and have a wide range of individual requirements. This is why we assess each and every one of our customers to ensure that we're supplying them with the best suited equipment possible. Anyone can buy a mobility scooter, power chair or wheelchair from the Internet or a catalogue, but you run the risk of buying something that is unsuitable for your needs. Other than being generally uncomfortable this could actually put the user's safety at risk. Every scooter, power chair, wheelchair and living aid of any kind has been designed for a particular type of user and to serve a specific purpose. You could say that it is essential to 'Use the right tool for the right job'.

Upon making your initial enquiry our dedicated team will ask you a set number of questions. None of these questions will exclude you from using mobility equipment, so please answer honestly. It just means we can narrow our products down to find the one best suited to you and your needs.


Your Personal Requirements

Firstly, we need to check that you're fit to use a particular piece of equipment. We'll ask if you have an occupational therapist we could get in touch with. This is simply to better understand your requirements by means of your medical condition. We'll also ask if you have any aches and pains, loss of strength i.e. in the hands or wrists, whether you think your condition to is going to deteriorate, remain static or improve i.e. a minor stroke as opposed to multiple sclerosis (MS), about your blood pressure and whether you've ever had a stroke.


Your Safety

Now that we know that you're physically fit enough to operate the machinery, we need to make sure that you can do so safely without putting yourself or others at risk. We'll need to know about the condition of your eyesight, your ability to judge speeds and distances, whether you have any issues with your balance (sitting or standing) or memory, whether you suffer from blackouts or fainting and whether or not you've owned or operated a mobility scooter or power chair before.


Your Local Environment

At RentaScoota we know that finding out what you're actually looking for in a mobility scooter is as important as the above safety and health checks. Will you be using it at home or just out and about? If so does your home have any steps, narrow gaps or doorways to consider? Do you need a scooter that can be disassembled and put in the boot of a car? How far do you need to take it before recharging? What kind of terrain will it endure? Is there someone around who can help you with your equipment if you require or do you live alone? Will you need to store your equipment for any length of time? Could the scooter need adjusting or modifying in the future? These are all important factors when choosing your equipment.


For more information relating to UK mobility scooter law click here.


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